They say ignoring your passion is slow suicide. So never ignore what your heart pumps for.Mold your career around your lifestyle around your career. I have always had the interest in Journalism and some things just become set backs. Am very afraid when i get to the camera and so over the weekend i decided to work on my fear and shyness… did a  some sort of photo shoot and i must admit the work piece was great to a pont am looking forward to do more with time. This has made me realize that am actually close to my dreams than i thought.

C360_2015-07-20-21-52-30-462  C360_2015-07-20-21-51-24-265 C360_2015-07-20-18-57-20-125 C360_2015-07-20-18-56-27-120 C360_2015-07-20-18-55-41-127 C360_2015-07-20-18-54-59-402 C360_2015-07-20-18-53-27-417 C360_2015-07-20-18-51-34-788

Photo by: @CyrilCYrax 


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